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Heart & Work Series

​​​Professional Training: Continuing Education

Parent-Child Connection: Integrating neurobiology, attachment theory, and cognitive approaches to strengthen children and families
Elizabeth Sylvester, PhD & Kathy Scherer, PhD, MFT

Have you wondered about direct ways to apply the insights of interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory in your work with parents and children?  Join us for an all day training on a new therapeutic approach to working with individuals and families to decrease destructive patterns, increase positive connections, and nurture healthy attachments.  

Drs. Elizabeth Sylvester and Kathy Scherer will present an integrated approach to working with children and their care-takers using key components of interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, and practical parenting interventions to build security in families. Their professional presentations at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Austin Child Guidance Center have been well attended and received excellent reviews. This training is intended for mental health providers, child development professionals, and all who work with children, parents, and their families (6.0 CEU, LMSW, LCP, & Psychologists). 

Emotional Regulation and Attachment in Action
Memory, Narrative, and the Developing Self
Learning, Discipline, and Relational Repair
Social Media and the Family
Conscious Parenting and Mindfulness

Each topic area will review up-to-date research, theory, and specific parenting interventions. Clinical case examples will be used to bring the applications to life.

This training offers a practical and scientifically-based approach to build positive family patterns and mend attachment disorders. It provides tools to change negative parent-child patterns into positive and nurturing connections. Detailed handouts and references will be given at the training. No prior experience with these theories is required to attend, although familiarity with the material is welcomed.

​Heart & Work

Drs. Kathy Scherer & Elizabeth Sylvester

Public: Parent Education Workshop

​​Parent-Child Connection: The Heart & Work of Parenting

Elizabeth Sylvester, PhD & Kathy Scherer, PhD, MFT

Raising children is both amazing and challenging. Take some time for yourself and have fun while you learn new information on parent-child attachment, emotion, discipline, and healing in the family. This training teaches a unique approach to parenting which brings together the science of emotional development, attachment, and neurobiology with practical ways to nurture healthy growth, decrease destructive patterns, and increase positive family connection. The class material will span all ages of childhood with particular focus on ages 0-12 years.

Morning Heart:
Heart of Parenting: Emotional and Social Development informed by Neurobiological Science
Build positive parent-child connections
Help children understand, manage, and express feelings
Nurture positive identity and self-confidence 

Afternoon Work:  
Work of Parenting: Mindful Discipline and Learning informed by Neurobiological Science
Discipline, Limit-setting, and Learning as Children Grow
Repair and Healing for Children and Parents
Mindful Parents raise Mindful Children